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More Sleep Might Help Tots' Tantrums
Parents of preschoolers know that dealing with kids' temper tantrums is just part of parenting. But what if there were a way to reduce tantrums in kids who had them more often than usual?
It's 8 PM. Is Your Child in Bed Yet?
Children can be masterful at trying to get out of a regular bedtime. As clever as they may be in avoiding going to bed, that cleverness may not pay off for them later on.
Nature Versus Nurture in Babies' Sleep
It can be tough to pick out what influences a child's sleeping patterns. Some of it is probably genetic, and some is probably environmental. The trick is knowing which is which.
Taking Care of Kids' Tonsils for Better Sleep
The long-term health risks of sleep apnea can affect almost every system in the body. Sleep apnea that is diagnosed and treated early means better health, especially for children.
Teens Shed Extra Pounds with Extra Sleep
Most groggy teens drag themselves to school by 7:30 most morning. This is a familiar sight to both parents and teachers. Everyone knows that insufficient sleep is common for teens, but few understand that it can also be the source of weight issues.
When Little Ones Snore at Night
Kids' snores may seem cute, but they may be a sign of certain problems. Children with breathing difficulties during sleep might have difficulties in the daytime too.
Counting Sheep for Kids with ADHD
One of the challenges of parenting can involve helping children maintain healthy sleep habits. Children with conditions like ADHD may need even more help with sleep.
Less TV, More Sleep for Kids
Insufficient sleep can lead to all sorts of health issues, especially for children. Yet research shows children get less sleep now than they did 100 years ago. TV may be one reason.
Sleep, Baby, Sleep… And Stay Asleep
Some debates never seem to have hope for resolution. One of those may be the discussion of whether parents should let babies cry themselves to sleep or not.
Children's Sleep Times Remain Steady
Insufficient sleep relates to various health problems. These include obesity, mental health problems and academic difficulties for kids. So are teens and kids getting enough sleep? A research team decided to find out using national survey data from three different years.