Health News

A Hidden Cause of Bedwetting
If little Johnny or Susie is wetting the bed frequently at night, that doesn't necessarily mean they have a psychological or behavior issue. They might have a serious sleeping disorder.
Good Night, Sleep Tight, Breathe Right
The standard therapy for obstructive sleep apnea isn't just for adults: children as young as 7 years old can reap significant benefits even from inconsistent use of PAP.
A Grimm's Sleepy Fairy Tale
In The Grimm's Fairytale Rumplestilskin, a gnarly fellow stays up all night spinning straw into gold. Children who aren't getting enough sleep can become a grumpy Rumplestilskin too. This sleep deprivation can lead to bullying children at school.
Marital Discord Disruptive to Infants Sleep
Happy homes make happy children. Can one say the same thing about infants? Infants in a home where marital strife abides have a much more difficult time getting restful sleep, according to a new study from Oregon State University.
Kids Need Z's
Insufficient and disorganized sleep puts kids at higher risk of developing obesity and other health conditions, which may be able to be mitigated by "catch up" sleep on weekends and holidays.
Sad, Sleepy Seniors
High school seniors who are excessively sleepy during the day may be at an increased risk of depression, according to a new study.