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Sleep on It: Asthma Tied to Sleep Breathing Problems
It's a twist on the classic puzzle about the chicken and the egg. Which comes first — asthma or sleep apnea? 
Sleep Apnea Procedure May Improve Childhood Asthma
Asthma attacks can be stressful health scares for both children and their parents. But new research shows that a sleep disorder treatment could offer relief.
When a Mask Helps Save a Life
Having a sleep disorder like sleep apnea can be compounded by another breathing difficulty, like COPD. But following doctors' treatment guidelines can make a difference.
Predicting Death from Sleep Apnea?
Patients with sleep apnea stop breathing, off and on, throughout their sleep cycle, which isn't the best way of getting a good night's rest.
Asthma Bad For a Good Night's Sleep
Breathing easier is important to making it through the day and to a good night’s rest. Periodically and involuntarily not breathing during sleep is unfortunately common among people with asthma.
Is COPD Causing Your Sleepless Nights?
Many people with COPD report not getting enough good sleep, which leads to daytime exhaustion and sleepiness. Now there is new research to support these claims.
Sleepyheads with Asthma?
Having a chronic illness like asthma can often affect many different parts of your health. One concern with asthma is that it can hurt children's sleep quality.