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Seroquel and Drowsiness
Sedation, like feeling drowsy or slowed down, can be a side effect of taking Seroquel . There are two forms of Seroquel . Is one form better than the other?
I Just Called to Say I'm Okay
If making an appointment to see the psychiatrist or therapist for your regular therapy is a hassle, here's some good news. A phone therapy session may be just as helpful.
Which Kids Should Take Antipsychotics?
Some medications can be used to treat multiple conditions, especially in mental health. But drugs are also sometimes prescribed for conditions they aren't approved to treat.
Coping with Prayer
People follow religion for a variety of reasons. For many, it is a source of comfort, community and celebration.
The Changing Brain of a Neglected Child
Child neglect is just as serious an issue as child abuse. It can lead to serious problems later with thinking, learning and social interaction. Scientists are starting to learn why.
Which Schizophrenia Drugs Cause Interactions?
Antipsychotic drugs may interact with other drugs in harmful ways. Some people with schizophrenia may be at risk for harmful drugs combinations.
With Schizophrenia, Sooner is Better
It seems to make logical sense for any mental health condition: the faster you get treatment, the better you end up. If you have schizophrenia, it's true even decades later.
Old VS. New Antipsychotics
Over three-fourths of the U.S. population taking antipsychotics  takes those from the second generation. But, are they any better and do they have fewer side effects?
New Therapy for Schizophrenics
The human brain has a great capacity to learn and adapt, even in people who have mental disorders. A computer-based cognitive and functional therapy may help people with schizophrenia live better.
The Importance of Taking a Pill
Taking a pill everyday can be a challenge but, depending on your condition, it may be necessary. Although all conditions have some rate of medication non-adherence, skipping a pill plays a particularly important role in those patients with schizophrenia.