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Pilots and Train Operators Need Sleep
We rely on planes, trains and automobiles to get us where we need to go, but what if the people operating those vehicles aren't getting enough sleep? Guess what - they're not.
Good Sleep is Good for the Heart
Treating sleep apnea does more than ensure you get enough good quality sleep. It might also help protect you from getting a heart attack.
Sleep Well, Hunger Less
If you're feeling hungrier than usual, take a look at your sleeping habits - are you getting enough sleep? If not, that may be the reason for the extra appetite.
Good Sleep Helps Keep a Heart Healthy
Obstructive sleep apnea is already known to increase the risk of cardiovascular problems in men, but women appear to be at risk of heart attack if they have sleep apnea as well.
Let Sleeping Teens Lie
Teenagers with Type 1 diabetes may not be getting enough quality sleep, leading to higher blood sugar levels and academic and behavior problems.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Link with XMRV Questioned
Chronic fatigue syndrome ( CFS ) is a complex disorder that affects more than one million Americans. A couple of years ago, a study was released that claimed that XMRV (a gammaretrovirus ) was a contributing factor in developing CFS . But now, scientists say that is not the case.
Staying on top of Sleep Apnea Treatment
Some people have the occasional insomnia or trouble staying asleep. Others suffer from the more serious disorder, sleep apnea, which causes the airways to restrict or collapse and interfere with breathing.
Exercise Means Better Sleep
It's no secret that you feel better when you're well-rested, or that you'll be healthier if you get some exercise. But what you may not know is that the two go hand in hand together.
Counting Sheep at Night? Try a Mediterranean Diet
Dietitians have long promoted the health benefits of a diet rich in fish, vegetables, non-refined cereals, olive oil and even some red wine. A Mediterranean-based diet, while nutritionally healthy, may also ease problems of sleep apnea.
Light-Sensitive Brain Cells Keep you Awake
Bright light is often credited for arousing us and keeping us awake.  It is even known to have an antidepressant effect. But if light is responsible for arousing us, is darkness to blame for make us sleepy?