Health News

HRT Protects Against Peripheral Artery Disease
News about hormone replacement therapy (HRT) continues to evolve. New findings suggest it to be protective against peripheral artery disease (PAD) when postmenopausal women take it.
New Light for Ovarian and Reproductive Cancers
Treatment options for ovarian and reproductive system cancers are currently somewhat limited. Researchers have opened new doors and hope.
New Link Discovered Between Appetite Hormone and Depression
Our bodies make a hormone called leptin that regulates our appetite. It may be that this hormone could also be useful in regulating depression.
Sex Isn't All About Me?
A recent study indicates healthy psychological and social development lead to another good thing: healthy sexual pleasure. For women, healthy sexual development requires psychological tools including empathy, self-esteem and independence.
New Facts are in: Fat is Fatal
Obesity continues to be linked to a number of diseases. Now it's shown to be a predictor of who does - and doesn't - survive breast cancer.
Drug Helps Prevent Breast Cancer
A drug currently being used to treat breast cancer has been shown to significantly reduce the risk of developing the disease. The aromatase inhibitor, Aromasin (exemestane), helps post-menopausal women avoid breast cancer altogether.
Predicting may Lead to Preventing
Scientists have recently made progress in unraveling the mysteries of an aggressive form of breast cancer. A new enzyme has been discovered that's involved in the growth of a potentially deadly type of the disease.
Quit Smoking with Exercise
Are nicotine patches or nicotine gums not cutting it? Try exercising to curb your nicotine cravings. Research shows that you can improve your health by exercising regularly and you could quit smoking as well.
Beating the Baby Blues With Fish Oil
The omega-3s found in fish oil are known to be good for the heart and the brain. These healthy nutrients may be particularly healthful for moms-to-be.
Try Calcium and Vitamin D Supplements First
Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with osteoporosis? Try a different approach before accepting medication as your only choice.