Five Steps for a Better Allergy Season

Allergy asthma and immunology management recommendations

(RxWiki News) Allergy season means irritation for many but relief is available. The American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI) has five ways to take control of allergy season.

The ACAAI has offered five easy ways to combat allergy season. Simple habits and a bit of awareness goes a long way to prevent itchy eyes, runny nose and asthma symptoms. What you eat, the filters you use, your windows, laziness and self-medication are the ACAAI focus on for allergy relief.

"Ask your allergist about what allergy medication is right for you."

The statement from the ACAAI comes after a mild winter causing an early start on allergy season. According to the ACAAI, close to 35 million Americans have allergies. By following the easy guideline recommended by the ACAAI, this allergy season may just be a bit more manageable.

The ACAAI recommends watching what fruit and vegetables you eat. Based on your allergies, certain fruit and vegetable proteins are similar to the proteins in grass or tree pollen. Called Oral Allergy Syndrome, some of the symptoms include tingling and swelling in the lips and itchy mouth.

The ACAAI notes that 20 percent of individuals with grass pollen allergies suffer from Oral Allergy Syndrome while close to 70 percent of birch tree pollen sufferers also have Oral Allergy Syndrome. Grass pollen sufferers should be careful when eating peaches, tomatoes and potatoes.

People allergic to birch or alder tree pollen have to cautious around apples, cherries and celery. Allergy sufferers may be able to eat these fruits and vegetables if they are cooked, canned or peeled. Symptoms are not long-lasting but can be irritating on top of normal allergy symptoms.

Household filters can help keep the pollen out but the wrong ones may provide little protection against irritants. Making sure you have the right filters for your house is important, make sure they are clean and are designed to keep pollen out. Some electrostatic ionic air purifiers emit ions which can be an irritant for a group of allergy sufferers.

Another thing to consider is that open window letting in the fresh spring air. Pollen can enter through that window furthering irritating your allergy symptoms.

The last two recommendations by the ACAAI involve proper medication. Waiting too long, or not taking, your medication can mean trying to treat allergy symptoms while they are occurring.

The ACAAI recommends getting a head start on allergy season and taking your medication before symptoms are present. The last step the ACAAI recommends is to take the right medication. Don't try to go from treatment to treatment trying to find relief.

With these five simple steps from the ACAAI, allergy season may just be a little more manageable.

The statement was released by the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology.