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Breast Cancer Rxs Go Head to Head
The current front-line treatment for early breast cancer, tamoxifen, may have met its match.
MRI and Mammogram Screenings Catch Cancer Early
Women with a condition called atypical hyperplasia may benefit from breast cancer screening — which can help doctors and patients find and fight breast cancer early.
Potential New Alternative for Early Breast Cancer
Tamoxifen has been the standard therapy for certain types of breast cancer. A new medication combination could eventually give women another choice that may be more effective.
New Breast Cancer Genetic Testing Recommendations
Because her mother had ovarian cancer, actress, director and humanitarian Angelina Jolie underwent genetic testing. Should you? The United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) issued its latest recommendations.
Tamoxifen Benefits BRCA Carriers Too
Breast cancer survivors are often prescribed medication after their initial therapy. These medicines reduce the level of estrogen, the hormone that drives most breast cancers. It’s not known, though, if women with BRCA gene mutations benefit from these medications.
Which Cancer Survivors Need to Keep Blocking
Medications that block estrogen can be life savers for some breast cancer survivors. But does this approach help all breast cancer survivors?
Tamoxifen for Ten
We learned last year at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (SABCS) that 10 years of tamoxifen treatment is better than what had been the standard five years. Another study sought to confirm these findings.