Is Autism A National Health Emergency?

April is Autism awareness month

(RxWiki News) Currently there is no definite cause nor cure for Autism. The National Autism Association (NAA) is asking legislators and government health agencies to call Autism a national emergency.

According to NAA Board Chair, Lori Mcllwain, a majority of Americans have a child with Autism or know a family member, neighbor or peer with Autism. 1 out of every 110 children is diagnosed with Autism.

Lori Mcllwain further notes that a 2007 study suggests it costs, on average, 3.2 million dollars for a lifetime of care for just one autistic child. These statistics shed light on the need for legislation and government assistance for families seeking help for their Autistic children.

"The fight against Autism is just beginning"

The NAA and parents are also stressing the need for improved treatment and support. Clinical studies need to be done for treatments, therapies and services.

The NAA also suggests that the these services be covered by insurance and that physicians should take into consideration all the information and concerns addressed by the parents.

School systems are also effected by this crisis. Currently overwhelmed but Autism rates, needing proper special education teachers and services. Government aide is needed because many families and schools can not afford speech and occupational therapies.

The need for prevention, treatment and support will only worsen when Autistic children become adults needing housing, looking for jobs and care.

Many parents of autistic children and the NAA are asking for more research funding. 

Review Date: 
April 6, 2011