30-Minutes A Day Will Do It

Exercise does not have to take hours to be effective

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Who has the time to workout these days? Apparently, it just takes 30-minutes a day, every day to lose a little weight and get healthier.

A recent study had split overweight men into two workout groups. Results found that weight loss was slightly higher for the 30-minute group over the 60-minute group.

"Just exercise."

Mads Rosenkilde, PhD student in the Department of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen, led a study into aerobic exercise and weight loss.

For the study, 61 moderately overweight, but healthy, young men participated in one of three groups for 13 weeks.

The first group had 21 men did 30-minutes of cardio per day. The second group had 22 men do 60-minutes of cardio per day. The third group had 18 men did no extra physical activity.

Men in the 30-minute exercise group lost around 8 lbs. Men in the 60-minute group lost around 6lbs.

Authors were not able to determine exactly why the 60-minute group lost slightly less than the 30-minute group. One theory was that the 60-minute group justified eating more calories.

Both groups of exercisers lost about the same amount of body fat. Muscle gain was not factored into the study.

Rosenkilde said, “Another interesting scenario is to study exercise as a form of transport. Training is fantastic for your physical and mental health.”

“The problem is that it takes time. If we can get people to exercise along the way – to work, for example – we will have won half the battle.”

Jim Crowell said, “I’m a huge believer that short intense workouts produce the best results for the broadest demographic of people.”

“When you mix consistency with intensity you have an amazing combination that often shows incredibly positive results even with workouts as short as 30 minutes a day.”

This study was published in August in The American Journal of Physiology. No funding information was given and no conflicts of interest were reported.

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August 25, 2012