Exercise Induced Obesity

Exercise induced asthma is a hurdle to weight loss

(RxWiki News) Many people with asthma have triggers that bring on attacks, like environmental allergens or colds. For some exercise is the culprit, and the inability to exercise without risking an asthma attack increases their odds of becoming obese.

A new study tried to figure out which factor more influences the other––the asthma or the obesity.

Reduce your BMI to avoid exercise induced asthma.

Lead author Simon Bacon, a professor at the Concordia Department of Exercise Science and a researcher at the Hospital of the Sacred Heart of Montreal, observed that patients who were overweight or obese were more likely to report exercise-induced asthma than were normal-weight participants. This team also found that for every one point increase in BMI (body mass index) score, there is a 9 percent increase in the probability of reporting exercise-induced asthma.

"Exercise-induced asthma may lead to a sedentary lifestyle, increased weight and can fuel a downward spiral to worsened health," says Dr. Bacon.

"Given the importance of exercise and regular physical activity in weight management, greater care should be taken when working with asthma patients to refer them to appropriate weight management specialists to help them control and safely reduce their weight," he adds.

The Study

  • 673 people evaluated, with 71 percent of participants reporting exercise-induced asthma (ETA)
  • Participants suffered from intermittent as well as mild, moderate and severe persistent asthma
  • Their body mass index was calculated according to their reported height and weight
  • Exercise, animals, dust, pollen, aspirin, stress, emotions or cold air also factored
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April 22, 2011