Number of Bird Flu Cases Grows

H7N9 bird flu cases in China continue with new confirmations

(RxWiki News) Tensions are rising as reports of increasing numbers of bird flu cases in China continue to develop.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Chinese health authorities reported three additional cases of the H7N9 avian influenza strain on Sunday evening, bringing counts up to 21 cases total, six of which have resulted in deaths.

People’s Daily Online reported 10 cases, including four deaths, have been confirmed in Shanghai, and six cases have been found in Jiangsu Province. Three cases, including two deaths, have been found in the province of Zhejiang and one case in Anhui Province.

"Wash your hands often during flu season."

The two most recently discovered cases were found in Shanghai, and according to People’s Daily, six people who had been in close contact with the new patients are under medical observation.

The WHO reported that, in total, over 530 close contacts of the confirmed patients are being monitored for symptoms.

“In Jiangsu, investigation is ongoing into a contact of an earlier confirmed case who developed symptoms of illness,” reported the WHO.

However, People’s Daily reported no link between any of the cases has yet been discovered. The WHO confirmed this and added that no evidence has been found suggesting transmission of the flu from person to person.

As previously reported by dailyRx News, at least some of the confirmed patients had contact with poultry or meat. There is still much to be learned about how the H7N9 strain is spread.

According to the WHO, 12 of the confirmed living cases were considered severe, and three were considered mild.

The WHO reported that as of Sunday evening, it did not recommend any travel restrictions, trade restrictions or special screening at points of entry be made in response to the bird flu cases.

Review Date: 
April 8, 2013