Bird Flu Cases Now Number 28

H7N9 cases and deaths rise in China as one patient recovers

(RxWiki News) Counts of bird flu cases in China continue to rise, but news of at least one patient’s recovery is announced.

People’s Daily Online reported that the latest count of the H7N9 strain of avian influenza has reached 28 patients, including nine deaths.

The increasing counts occur alongside news that one of the 28 patients, a 4 year-old boy in Shanghai, has been released from the hospital, according to People’s Daily.

"Sneeze into a tissue to avoid spreading germs."

According to People’s Daily, the boy is being referred to as “fully cured” and is the first of the patients to be discharged from medical care.

As previously reported by dailyRx News, no link between any of the cases has been discovered, nor has any evidence of human-to-human transmission of the flu.

People in close contact with the patients are being observed closely for symptoms, and the World Health Organization (WHO) reported Tuesday that this now includes over 600 people.

The Chinese Center for Disease Control (CCDC) reported that so far there have been no symptoms found in these contacts.

According to the CCDC, there have been 13 cases and five deaths reported in Shanghai, eight cases and one death in Jiangsu, two cases and one death in Anhui, and five cases and two deaths in Zhejiang.

Review Date: 
April 10, 2013