How to Eat Healthy During COVID-19

Six healthy eating tips to use during the coronavirus pandemic

(RxWiki News) As the world spends more time indoors and isolated from other people and our daily activities, you may find yourself tempted to eat everything in sight. But you can stay healthy during this pandemic.

Here are a few tips and strategies you can use to set up your pantry and kitchen for healthy eating:

  1. Buy snacks in bulk; then, portion them out in smaller plastic bags as soon as you're back from the store. Examples may include your favorite salty snacks, such as nuts, popcorn or chips. You can still eat your favorite snacks, but portioning them out ahead of time will keep you from overindulging.
  2. Reduce the visibility of stockpiled foods (so you don't eat everything at once) by moving them to the basement or garage immediately after you purchase them.
  3. Place sodas and other sweetened drinks at the back of the refrigerator to give yourself more time to decide if you really want one. Place healthier drinks at the front of the refrigerator. This goes for snacks, too. Place the healthier snacks, such as boiled eggs and fruits, at the front of the refrigerator to encourage healthy snacking.
  4. Place fresh fruit on the counter or kitchen table to encourage healthy snacking.
  5. Plan your snacks for the day. That way, you don't feel tempted when the time comes to choose something. When we are tired, lonely and bored, we often pick foods that make us feel better, which typically are not the healthiest.
  6. Add immune-supporting foods to your meals. Examples include ginger, mushrooms and blueberries.

For help maintaining a healthy diet that's right for you, speak with your health care provider.