Faster Acting Aspirin Hits the Market

Bayer Advanced Aspirin is two times faster than ordinary pain reliever

/ Author:  / Reviewed by: Joseph V. Madia, MD

When you have a headache, a toothache or the cramps, all you want is fast pain relief. Now there’s a new form of aspirin that’s twice as fast as what you’ve been using. Bayer Healthcare has launched a new generation of aspirin.

Bayer Advanced Aspirin uses patent-pending Pro-Release Technology, to relieve tough pains twice as fast as the previous versions of Bayer Aspirin. When people look for pain relievers, they want the fastest working drug out there.

"Bayer Advanced Aspirin works 2x faster than ordinary Bayer."

Bayer “provides effective pain management with speedy disintegration and absorption of the tablet allowing for faster pain relief” according to Wes E.Cetnarowski, M.D., Senior VP, Bayer Global research and Development.

“We applied our new Pro-Release Technology, which was invented right here at Bayer, to a tried-and-true molecule, to make an aspirin that provides pain relief twice as fast as before” says Barton Warner, VP, Marketing and New Business.

The company says that the Pro-Release Technology produces the faster results. It “reduces the aspirin particles into micro-particles that are on average 10 percent of the particle size of previous Bayer Aspirin tablets” according to the news release.

Because the particles are smaller, the particles dissolve more rapidly, are absorbed in the stomach more quickly and go to work relieving pain faster.

“Bayer Advanced Aspirin dissolve six times more quickly, enter the bloodstream four times as fast and rush relief right to the site of pain, providing pain relief twice as fast as before” explained by the news release.

“With new, faster-acting Bayer Advanced Aspirin, millions of Americans can return to – or keep up with – their daily activities by managing pain quickly” says Cetnarowski.

Review Date: 
May 23, 2011