Contributing Experts

August 9, 2013

Jeffrey Schussler, MD, FACC, FSCAI, FSCCT

Jeffrey M. Schussler, M.D., FACC, FSCAI, FSCCT, is an interventional cardiologist on the medical staff at Baylor Heart and Vascular Hospital and Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas. In addition to practicing general and interventional cardiology, Dr. Schussler frequently consults on cardiac cases of unusual coronary anatomy and broken heart syndrome.

He teaches the next generation of physicians through his teaching appointments at Baylor University Medical Center and Texas A&M Health Science Center. Dr. Schussler graduated from medical school at UT Medical Branch at Galveston.

He had his internship, residency and fellowships in cardiology and interventional cardiology at Baylor University  Medical Center in Dallas. Other areas of specialty are non-invasive CT coronary angiography, nuclear cardiology, echocardiography, and radial artery angiography or heart catheterization through the wrist.

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