Contributing Experts

November 27, 2012

Stephen L. Brown, MD

“Medicine has been a passion in my family for generations. My grandfather was a rural Texas radiologist. My father went on to become an oncology specialist. And I followed in both their footsteps. In fact, to this day I practice as an oncologist right alongside my father, which is personally satisfying and contributes to the familial environment and style of care that are the hallmarks of Austin Cancer Centers and our new Georgetown Cancer Center.

“Actually, family is a vital part of my approach to cancer care. I’m a family man, and my wife and children help add to the family environment here. Yet, what is most family-like about Austin Cancer Centers and Georgetown Cancer Center is the compassion. I’m motivated by the fact that cancer patients need top-quality care, which depends on both clinical know-how and personal involvement. And I never forget that caring — including a personal bond, trust and the warmth of home — is the essence of excellent medical care.

“This is what I strive to provide to my adult patients as well as the children I treat in my role as a pediatric radiation oncologist for the last 15 years supporting Dell Children’s Medical Center. I feel strongly that everyone deserves the best possible care, from complete information to well-coordinated care and effective treatment.”

Last Updated: May 1, 2013