Keeping Kids Healthy During the School Year

Provide a Nutritious Diet

Healthy eating plays a huge role in maintaining your kids' immune systems. Kids will usually eat what’s available, so try to surround them with healthy options and shoot for five servings of fruits and veggies a day. Healthy children are better able to ward off illness than those with poor sleep habits, unhealthy diets and sedentary lifestyles. Keep in mind that many kids consume at least half of their meals at school, so pack a healthy lunch. Carrot sticks and fruit are great choices. Offer juice with no added sugar, or, better yet, substitute with water. Try to mix vegetables into dishes and switch to low- or non-fat milk, yogurt and cheese. Remember portion control, and eat together when possible. Eating with your child is your chance to model good eating behaviors.

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September 4, 2014

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September 4, 2014