Health News

Ice Pack For Freezing Surgical Pain
Lessening the pain that frequently follows major abdominal surgery is critical as patients begin their recovery. Strong, pain-relieving opioid medications typically are prescribed at the start of that healing process.
Retiring to Excessive Drinking
As people enter their senior years, they may not drink quite as much as they did in their wild and crazy youth. But many seniors still may drink more than they should, when it comes to their health.
Increasing Quality of Life in the US
While there are a number of public health issues that still need to be fixed, there are signs that our overall health and quality of life is improving.
Shorter Lifespan With Cigarettes
Smoking can shave years off a person’s life and lead to an early death. Even if a man lives into his 70s, smoking can still steal several years of life.
High Costs of Drinking Too Much
Drinking too much can result in more than just a hangover. Too much alcohol can lead to expensive health care, property damage costs and missing time at work.
Verdict on E-Cigs Still Out
Quitting smoking can be extremely difficult. There may be a slight possibility that an electronic cigarette could help smokers wean off the habit, but long-term risks are still unknown.
Many Designated Drivers Were Drinking
Designated driver does not mean "the most sober person in the group," but for many people that has been the case. Designated driver really means "the sober person in the group."
Teenage Rx Abuse Continues
Teenagers have been using prescription medications for recreational purposes. Parents and teachers may be able convince teens that non-medical use of prescriptions is dangerous.
Don’t Eat That! It’s Grown-Up Candy
Small children have a tendency to put things in their mouths that they shouldn’t. Food or drinks containing marijuana have created a unique problem for adults with children.
Knowledge May Be The Key To Quitting
Understanding the health hazards of smoking may help more people to quit. Simplifying information about the dangers of smoking could make the truth accessible to more people.