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Drug & Alcohol Related Birth Defects
The National Institute of Child Health & Human Development ( NICHD ) has released numerous studies investigating the outcomes of alcohol and drug use during pregnancy.
Sexual Confusion Can Lead to the Bottle
Young adults are exploring their sexuality more than ever. And for some, indecision may put their lives at risk.
Being Unable to Conceive
The stress of dealing with infertility take both a physical and emotional toll on women's bodies. Now, there's evidence that this stress can lead to mental health conditions as well.
You May Already Be an Alcoholic!
The danger presented by alcoholism is widely recognized, but many people still overindulge. Now, the doctors charged with defining addiction may label many more of them as alcoholics. The American Psychiatric Association is in the late stages of revising their influential rulebook : the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual . There are indications that the standards used to differentiate partying from actual addiction will be changed to the point where many college revelers, sports fans who imbibe, and weekend pub denizens will now have a medical diagnosis. The new Diagnostic and Statis...
Relapse Prevention is Your Best Bet
A new argument is being made asserting that continual treatment of addicts could actually lower their overall healthcare costs in the long run, despite the sometimes heavy cost of continual treatment.
Alcoholism After Bariatric Surgery
One weight loss surgical procedure in particular is suspected to increase a patient’s chances of developing alcoholism two years after surgery. Good support networks and healthcare practices may help lower risk.
Alcohol During Pregnancy - Whats the Question?
To drink or not to drink? Such is the question for many expectant moms who would love to have that single glass of wine but worry about its impact on their developing baby.
Drinking Makes Teens Feel Isolated
In schools where drinking isn’t something everyone does, those who do drink can often feel outcast. This isolation can cause grades to slip over time.
Preventing Drug Abuse in Depressed Youths
Adolescents who get treatment for their major depressive disorder ( MDD ) before they begin abusing drugs are less likely to start. Early treatment is the best prevention method.
Teen Drinking & Driving - Dumb!
Teen drinking and driving is a major public health concern.  The fear of consequences does seem to motivate teens to behave. However, over the last 10 years, teen drinking and driving rates has notably decreased.