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Autism Linked to Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia
Research is looking for ways to understand which children are at risk for autism spectrum disorders ( ASD ), because knowing the risk factors can help with early detection.
Child’s Play May Improve Language Skills
Children with autism may have difficulty learning language. As autism is detected in ever younger children, interventions may help to improve language learning.
Are Families With Autism Paying a Price?
Overall healthcare costs for children with autism may be higher than for children with other health conditions, like diabetes or asthma.
Which Autistic Children Will Improve?
Children with autism may develop their social and language skills at very different rates. Most important for parents is identifying children who are developing slowly, so they can receive extra attention.
Parents Can Download Autism Tool Kits
Autism Speaks continues to help parents by offering three new tools on their website for free.
Treating Autism With Technology
Autism spectrum disorder ( ASD ) can be a difficult issue to cope with. Problems with communication and social interaction can plague patients at all ranges of the spectrum. There is a continual demand for new treatment options as the number of autism diagnoses grow. This fact combined with the continual advancement of technology has led researchers to explore how technology could potentially help children with an ASD strengthen their social skills. At the 2012 International Meeting for Autism Research ( IMFAR ) in Toronto in May 2012, several studies on this topic were presente...
Does Folic Acid Lower the Risk of Autism?
Researchers report a link between autism and folic acid intake during pregnancy, but the link may be weak.
Antioxidant Shows Promise as Treatment Autism
A small trial using an antioxidant treatment improved irritability symptoms for some children with autism. 
Most Children Diagnosed With Autism by Age 5
Early diagnosis of autism is important to ensure that children have access to the right services and interventions. New research summarizes the age most children are diagnosed and type of services used.
Tracking Autism From Child to Teenager
People are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders ( ASD ) during childhood.  New research looked at how symptoms may change as children age.