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Autistic Children Choosing How to Play
For children, playtime is learning time. For children with autism, the type of play may be very important. A new study suggests that autistic children may choose certain kinds of activities and avoid others.
Sharing a Womb and Sharing Autism
Although the exact cause of autism is unknown, genes are thought to play a role. For that reason, siblings and some half-siblings of individuals with autism may be at a higher risk for developing autism, according to recent research.
Exercise Role Models
Childhood obesity is a common problem for many children with special needs. Both an unhealthy diet and a lack of exercise contribute to this problem. Parents may be able to change at least one of those unhealthy habits by setting a good example.
When Video Gaming Gets Too Serious
Video games can be great for having fun, and they can even help develop spatial and problem-solving skills. But too much of a good thing might be a problem for some kids.
Nothing Fishy Here About Autism
A tuna salad sandwich can be a healthy and tasty meal. But tuna and other fish can contain small amounts of mercury. Can these amounts increase a pregnant woman's risk of having a child with autism?
Mom, My Tummy Hurts!
Gluten-free diets have become very popular for kids with autism. Some parents report a gluten-free diet has improved both their kid’s tummy issues and behavior.
Autism Care Colored by Race
Early diagnosis of autism and adhering to the right follow-up treatment are very important. But not all people with autism may be getting the additional specialized care they may need. Finding treatment for both the physical and psychiatric ailments that often accompany autism can be a challenge.
Video Games: Friend or Foe for Autism?
One of the key symptoms of autism is difficulty dealing with most social situations. Autistic children therefore often seek out activities by themselves, such as playing video games.
No Link Between Lyme Disease and Autism
Lyme disease is carried and transmitted by ticks, especially in the northeastern US. There has been some concern that children with autism have higher rates of Lyme disease.
Reading the Future in Placenta Cells?
Autism runs in families, past research has shown. But even when a family risk is known, children are not usually diagnosed with autism until they are toddlers.