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Blood Test for Breast Cancer Patients
Every breast cancer is as unique as the patient who has it. Understanding how the cancer progresses is key to making effective treatment decisions.
FDA Rules Mammography Still Best Screening Tool
There has been a tremendous amount of confusion about breast cancer screening in recent years. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has ruled on one controversy - thermography vs. mammography.
Anti-Inflammatory Drug Also an Anti-Cancer Drug?
Inflammation is thought to play a role in the development and growth of cancer. Researchers have now discovered that treating inflammation may help fight breast cancer.
Is There an Expiration Date on Breast Cancer Medications?
After chemotherapy, surgery and/or radiation, most breast cancer survivors take medications for at least 5 years to prevent the dreaded disease from returning. That may change.
Knowing the Outlook Could Improve the Outcome
Scientists continue to advance their understanding of how breast cancer develops and progresses. Knowing where the disease is headed offers powerful new alternatives.
New Understanding of Breast Cancer
Breast cancer cells frequently rely on the hormone estrogen to develop and grow. New research has discovered more about this relationship, findings that could lead to new, better treatments.
Cancer Cells' Diet Determines Aggressiveness
Just as the old saying goes, "You are what you eat," scientists have now learned that what cancer cells eat predicts how aggressive they are. These new findings can be used to offer better and more personalized cancer treatment.