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FDA Defines Gluten-Free for Food Labeling
The US Food and Drug Administration today published a new regulation defining the term "gluten-free" for voluntary food labeling.
Celiac's Focus on the Family
While families can pass down a lot of things from one generation to the next, one thing that unfortunately gets caught in the mix is celiac disease.
Allergic or Intolerant?
Does your stomach get a little rumbly after eating certain foods? It’s pretty obvious that pigging out on pizza, ice cream, candy and French fries may give you a stomach ache, but what about when symptoms develop after more typical meals?
Celiac Prevention for Babies
Parents often wonder when to feed new foods to their baby. New research suggests that introducing wheat early can help babies avoid developing celiac disease.
Celiac: It's in the Intestines
Just because children may eat their vegetables doesn't mean they're always healthy. If kids have celiac disease, they may not be properly digesting their nutrients. And how their intestines stretch out may help tell whether the disease is to blame.
From Stomach Aches to Headaches
When the stomach's yearning for food, heads can start aching as well. And it can happen more often among people with stomach problems.
Eye Damage in Type 1 Plus Celiac
Celiac disease (a condition that damages the small intestine) may boost the risk of type 1 diabetes. But that may not be where the damage ends. Celiac disease could lead to problems down the road for diabetes patients.
Defining Wheat Sensitivity
Wheat sensitivity may show up as nausea or in bowel problems. A recent study found that some people with wheat sensitivity had symptoms more like celiac disease, while others had symptoms more like a food allergy.
Proper Follow-up Key to Celiac Care
For those with celiac disease, the protein gluten triggers a reaction that damages the small intestine’s lining. Follow-up evaluation has been shown to improve this permanent condition.
Going Gluten-Free
In recent years, the idea of a gluten-free diet has grown in popularity. As more people discuss avoiding gluten, celiac disease (which is somewhat like a severe gluten allergy) is becoming the subject of more and more research. What are the effects of this disease and just how common is it? Celiac Simply Put Celiac disease is an immune disorder triggered by gluten, a protein present in foods like wheat, rye and barley. According to an article written by Jocelyn Silvester , MD and Donald Duerksen , MD, and published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal ( CMAJ ), celia...