Health News

It's Dinner Time With the Family
Once children hit teen years, it’s difficult to get the entire family around the table. It’s worth the effort, though, as serious problems can arise by abandoning the "Walton Family" style.
Every Body Can be Beautiful
It's not unusual to be unhappy with a large nose or muffin-top. People who binge eat, however, tend to focus more on appearance and are significantly more dissatisfied with their looks.
Athletes Hide Eating Disorders
Eating disorders can develop in anyone, male or female, professional athlete or amateur. Diagnosing those problems in athletes who are seemingly in good shape can be difficult.
Eating Disorders can be Deadly
Eating disorders are a serious problem, but there has never been statistics to prove how serious -- until now. Researchers found that eating disorders are linked to higher mortality rates.
Disordered Eating Isn’t Just a Phase
Dieting and eating disorders don’t become problems overnight. It’s important to find out when these problems arise, because future generations can be influenced by unhealthy eating patterns.
Feeling Down Mommy?
Bringing new life into the world usually brings happiness to mothers, but not all. Pregnancy-related depression is a real condition that can cause real distress for the mother and newborn baby.
Kids Throwing up to Slim Down
Imagine a child endangering their health to look good. It’s happening and its called Bulimia – self-induced vomiting after eating. Bulimia is now being seen in children as young as ten.
New Link Discovered Between Appetite Hormone and Depression
Our bodies make a hormone called leptin that regulates our appetite. It may be that this hormone could also be useful in regulating depression.
Warped Point of View
Some people don’t see themselves clearly. In fact, when they look at themselves in the mirror, the image may be distorted and reflect a totally inaccurate image. There are many people that are dissatisfied with the way they look, but people with body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) process images – including their own – differently.
Anorexics Feel Anxiety with Food
Eating for many people is rewarding and satiating, but for others eating may cause a different effect. If eating caused you to feel nervous and anxious would you still want to eat?