Health News

Spotting Diabetic Eye Damage Risk
Eye damage is one of the many complications of diabetes. Getting an eye exam once a year may help diabetes patients avoid permanent eye damage.
Glaucoma: The Eye's Silent Disease
Imagine seeing the world like you're peering through a rolled-up piece of paper. That's life with glaucoma, a common eye disease that causes tunnel vision, and eventually blindness.
FDA Approves Jetrea For Eye Disease
The US Food and Drug Administration approved Jetrea (ocriplasmin), the first drug approved to treat an eye condition called symptomatic vitreomacular adhesion (VMA).
Frightful for Your Sight
Blood red vampire eyes, blacked out lenses or slit pupils resembling a cat. These may be the eye-popping accessory to complete your Halloween costume! You can get any of theses looks by wearing decorative contact lenses. But, before you buy them, beware of the risks.
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
It’s no new news that smoking can result in poor health conditions. And here’s another one to add to the ever growing list: cataracts.
Different Ethnicities, Same Diabetic Eyes
In people with diabetes, out-of-control blood sugar can spell trouble. High blood sugar can lead to a number of problems, including eye damage.
Diabetic Eye Damage Tied to Ethnicity
From your head to your toes, diabetes can cause problems throughout the body. Even your eyes can be affected by diabetes.
Seeing Better on Cholesterol Meds
Over 2.7 million people over 40 years old in the U.S. are affected by glaucoma. New research findings may offer a way those predisposed to the disease can reduce their risk. 
All and Mighty Eyes
The eyes may be sensitive at times, but they are tough. And new research shows that parts of them may be able to combat diseases.
Gaming Visuals For The Blind
For the blind, learning the layouts of new places just got a little easier.