Health News

Calcium Buildup Better Sign of Heart Attack Risk
Doctors look at many factors to determine a person’s risk of heart disease and a potential heart attack. A new study has shown that a common test may hold the key to a better diagnosis.
Heart Disease and Stroke Remain Leading Health Threats
Heart disease and stroke remain two of the most dangerous health problems in America, according to a recent review of statistics and research.
Cardiac Arrest vs Heart Attack
Often, people mistakenly think that heart attack and cardiac arrest are the same thing, but that’s not the case.
Young Women’s Rate of Heart Attacks Increasing
Fewer people overall are having heart attacks, and it appears the rate of recovery after experiencing one continues to improve — except for one part of the population.
Heart Healthy Smoking Cessation Therapies
Kicking the smoking habit can improve overall health and quality of life. A recent review investigates where smoking cessation therapies affect heart health.
The Possible Dangers of Sodium in Pills
Hamburgers, potato chips and some prescription medications — what could all of these things have in common? Their sodium content may be putting people at risk for heart problems.
Chest Pain Differences Between Men and Women
Chest pain can be a sign that the heart may not be working properly. Could the characteristics of that pain point to different diagnoses for men and women?
A Heart Alert for Young Hispanic Women
Heart disease is often unrecognized and undertreated in young women. Hispanic women under the age of 65 especially may face a higher mortality risk after a heart attack compared to others.
Bedtime Aspirin May Keep Heart Attack Away
Most heart attacks happen in the morning. For some, a daily low-dose of aspirin may lower this risk. While many take aspirin in the morning, it may be more effective if taken at bedtime.
Three Big Factors to Beat Heart Disease if Obese
Being overweight or obese can raise the risk for heart disease and stroke. While losing weight may help, shedding pounds can be hard. There may be other ways for overweight people to lower these risks.