Health News

Getting the Heart to Repair Itself
A heart attack is a serious thing, and the risks to your health do not end once you have recovered. Your heart can get badly damaged from a heart attack. Now, scientists have created a new way to repair an injured heart.
Shield Your Heart with Exercise
Exercise keeps you happy and healthy. It not only makes you fit, but also lowers your risk of heart attack and protects your heart from damage if you actually have a heart attack.
Don't Let Your Heart Rest
It has been shown that exercise is good for your heart. Yet there is a common belief that people need to give their heart some rest after a heart attack. However, getting active after a heart attack can actually be the best choice.
Sunrise Is a Dangerous Time for Your Heart
It probably goes without saying that there is never a good time for a heart attack, but it appears that heart attacks are worse if they happen during certain times of the day.
Protecting Your Bones May Hurt Your Heart
Postmenopausal women often take calcium and vitamin D in order to keep their bones healthy. However, calcium and vitamin D can also be bad for a woman's heart, according to a new study.
Menopause's Mixed Signals
Some women's first signs of menopause are hot flashes and night sweats. While miserable to endure, they may be an early indication of a lowered risk of heart disease. A recent study reassures women that the early onset of these symptoms may actually be a good thing.  But, this research also highlights health concerns for women who get these symptoms late in their menopausal experience. Hot flashes and night sweats in early menopause––gifts in disguise. JoAnn Manson of Brigham and Women's Hospital commented that these symptoms in the early days of menopause do not indicate that a ...
Liaison Coordinates Heart Care
Patients who end up in the hospital because of their heart disease often have a long road to recovery in front of them. Unfortunately, depression can make that road more difficult.
Vegan Mainstream Advocates for Change
Like the big shrimp they are trying to avoid, vegan mainstream is becoming a new oxymoron. Even boxer Mike Tyson came out as a pigeon loving vegan this year, landing him a gig on The Animal Planet TV show.
New Findings on Hormone Replacement Therapy
You may remember some years ago when a large women's study was stopped because one of the therapies being tested was shown to actually increase the risk of breast cancer, heart attacks and strokes.
Disease Fighting Tangerines
Tangerines are not just deliciously sweet fruits, they are also good for you. New research shows that tangerines can help protect against obesity and other health problems.