Health News

Pre-Eclampsia Prevention With Supplements
Swollen feet, sudden weight gain and high blood pressure are a few symptoms that a pregnant woman may have in pre-eclampsia, a condition occurring in 5 percent of first time pregnancies.
2011: An In-Vitro Odyssey
In-Vitro Fertilization often yields several embryos for a couple to implant within a woman. For couples who may be carriers of a genetic disease, this poses a problem that seems to now be addressed by Johns Hopkins researchers.
No More Memory Like an Elephant
Where are my keys? Which row is my car on at the grocery store? Did I pay that bill? These are just  a few of the forgetful journeys one makes daily as age descends upon us.
Pregnant Smoking Has Another Bad Effect
Can smoking while pregnant cause genetic changes which make the child more at risk for asthma development? Researchers answer with a resounding, "yes."
Birth Control Pill and HRT Protects Brain Aneurysm
Women taking a pill a day, either a birth control pill or a drug used for hormone replacement therapy (HRT) may protect against developing brain aneurysms.
Treating Infant Lung Disease
Ureaplasma bacteria, a primitive infection not normally tested for unless women are seeking fertility treatments, can also be passed from mother to child.
Prenatal Pollution Policy
Most pregnant women are quite diligent regarding their physical health. Pregnant women try to get more sleep, eat properly and avoid alcohol and cigarettes. Now there is one more thing to try and avoid: Pollution.
Pregnant Women Should Avoid Tylenol
Since the early 1980s taking Tylenol (acetaminophen) has become increasingly common among women during pregnancy.  This increase coincided with a doubling of the prevalence of asthma among children.
New Blood Test Identifies Premature Birth Risks
Getting babies to cook long enough in the perfectly designed "oven", their mother's body, is critical for proper development. Until now, doctors haven't been able to adequately test women at risk for premature birth.
Women With Premature Menopause Want to be Mummy
Menopausal women who expereince premature ovarian failure (POF) should seek immediate help with their family plans.  POF can be a devastating condition, especially for women who have sidelined their family plans to pursue a career prior to having children.