Health News

Hysterectomy Not Always the Only Option
Why have major surgery when a less intensive treatment option might do the trick? This complex question might be one women and their doctors need to discuss.
ART Cycles Found Safe and Sound
Women struggling to become pregnant have a lot of factors to consider, but now they may have one less thing to worry about: the safety of procedures that help them get pregnant.
Hormone Therapy Still Effective Option for Menopause
Hormones yes, hormones no — the recommendations for menopausal women have swung back and forth in the last 10 years.
Hot Flashes May Signal Fracture Risk
Hot flashes and night sweats could be more than just unpleasant symptoms of menopause — they could be tied to bone health.
US Birth Rate Hits All-Time Low
Birth announcements and baby shower invitations may not be as common as they once were in US mailboxes. The US hasn't been in a baby boom for a few years, and last year saw a particularly low birth rate.
Getting Healthy May Improve Men's Fertility
Health problems that seem unrelated to men's fertility — like diabetes or high blood pressure — may damage men's sperm. And men can take steps that can both improve their overall health and make them more fertile.
Normal Weight Moms Had Healthier Babies
Being healthy doesn't just benefit you — it may benefit your child, too. Mothers-to-be who maintain a healthy weight may boost their child's health as well.
Immune Diseases Were More Common in Those Born by C-Section
Could the birth process have a role in immune disease development? A common birthing method may raise babies' risk of immune diseases later, a new study found.
Mother's Weight Tied to Future Child's Health
Could a mother's weight before pregnancy affect her future child's health? A new study suggests so.
Mothers of Multiple Children Need To Care For Their Hearts Too
Many moms are on the lookout for the flu, chicken pox and scraped knees in their kids. But a new study suggests that some mothers might need to pay closer attention to their own heart health.