Health News

A Sight for Sore Eyes
Improvements in medical technology and knowledge have meant tremendous progress in taking care of babies born extremely early and/or small. But many of these children still may face future challenges.
From Cataract Surgery to Glaucoma
While surgery can improve the cloudy vision caused by pediatric cataracts, new research suggests it may also increase a child's risk for another eye disease called glaucoma.
A Recess for the Eyes
A lot of kids look forward to recess during school. While spending more time in the great outdoors can allow kids to release that extra energy and give their brains a break, it might also help keep their vision strong and healthy.
A Better Outlook For Cancer Babies
A genetic discovery has given some babies a new life – literally. The finding actually redefines a rare but curable cancer that’s usually spotted in infants or toddlers.
Preserving Little Eyes a Little Longer
Children's eyes continue to undergo changes as they grow, often worsening if they are nearsighted. But there may be a way to slow that downhill trend for certain kids.
Home Glaucoma Monitoring Helps Treat Young and Old
Parents may soon be able to aid doctors in monitoring their child's glaucoma, or even their own. An at-home test capable of measuring pressure within the eye could provide added information that helps improve their treatment.
RA Drug Slows Damage of Rare Disease
Inflammation is at the root of many common diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis. As such, it may be possible that certain rheumatoid arthritis drugs also can treat other inflammatory diseases.
Eyeing Up Better Vision Screenings For Kids
Vision screenings typically offered to children detect few potential conditions. A newly designed device detects vision changes, and soon also learning disabilities, helping ensure children receive effective treatment for conditions sooner.
Seeing the World with New Eyes
An inexpensive drug has been shown to benefit premature infants born with retinopathy (the uncontrolled growth of blood vessels in the retinas, which can lead to scarring and retinal detachment).