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Barcoding Prostate Cancer
You know what a barcode looks like – with the lines and numbers that are scanned for just about anything you buy these days. This graphic model may be used to better detect aggressive prostate cancers.
Tiny Bubbles Blow Up Prostate Imaging
Detecting prostate cancer is not always simple. A doctor may have to take up to 18 tissue samples to find the disease. A way of imaging with tiny bubbles may make diagnosis easier.
Why are Prostate Patients Prone to ED?
While treatments for prostate cancer can be very effective, they can also cause erectile dysfunction. Now, genetic markers may help identify which patients are more likely to get Erectile Dysfunction (ED).
Anxiety After Beating Prostate Cancer
Anxiety from cancer can lead to all kinds of problems including depression and sexual dysfunction. Counseling after prostate cancer treatments may help improve quality of life.
Fat May Tip Scales in Prostate Cancer
Being overweight not only increases your risk of heart disease and diabetes, it also may promote colon, kidney and esophageal cancer. Now prostate cancer may join the list of health risks.
Prostate Cancer Drugs Might Treat Bladder Cancer
Knowing the genetic make-up of any cancer can help guide treatment. A protein that’s seen in high levels in bladder cancer may not like being engulfed in medications that block the male hormones.
Helping Cancer Cells Die
One of the genes that helps to keep cancer from ever forming is the p53 gene. It works by blocking cancer cells from killing themselves. When p53 is messed up in some way, cancer cells go to town and wreak havoc.
When to Watch and Wait With Prostate Cancer
More men are aggressively treated for prostate cancer than is necessary to save a life from the disease, according to the Prostate Cancer Foundation. For men with low-risk cancer, careful monitoring may be preferred.
Prostate Cancer – Separating Diagnosis From Treatment
September is National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, and dailyRx  News wanted to learn about the state of the disease, its diagnosis and treatment. 
Free Health Screenings for Men
For 23 years, the third week in September has been designated “Prostate Cancer Awareness Week.” That’s when the Prostate Conditions Education Council ( PCEC ) was founded to give men access to free or low-cost prostate health screenings.