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Long-Term Impact of Brain Injury
One of the most common injuries from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars has been traumatic brain injury. Researchers are still learning the long-term implications of this injury.
FDA Allows Marketing of Device to Help People Walk After Spinal Cord Injury
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today allowed marketing of the first motorized device intended to act as an exoskeleton for people with lower body paralysis (paraplegia) due to a spinal cord injury.
Drinking Behind Many Early Deaths Each Year
Drinking may be seen as a way to relax, but in some cases it can easily become a serious issue. A new study suggests that excessive drinking may be leading to many early deaths in the US.
Severe Concussion Symptoms Offered Few Clues about Recovery
A concussion can be unsettling, especially if the symptoms are severe. But severe symptoms do not necessarily mean a longer recovery.
Unpacking the Trauma of War Injuries
Traumatic brain injury has been one of the signature injuries to result from the US involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. But there is more than one way to get this injury.
Frailty, Not Age, Best Predicted Recovery from Trauma
Some people in their 80s may seem much younger than they actually are, while some in their 70s seem so much older and weaker than their age. When it comes to recovering from trauma, age might not be the best measure of how someone will fare.
Blood Markers May Guide Return to Play After Concussion
Even though a concussion is a somewhat common sports-related injury, it's still a very serious injury. It's important for athletes on the mend from a head injury to take it slow.
Role of Race and Age in Traumatic Injury Recovery
Aspects of people’s genetic makeup, life experiences and lifestyles may point to how well they will recover from health crises, including traumatic injury. Race and age may be among those factors.
Checking Injury in Youth Ice Hockey
As the popularity of youth ice hockey has grown in recent years, the injuries associated with it have grown as well.
Football Injury May Shrink Part of Brain
Getting a head injury is a risk that comes with playing football. A disproportionate number of athletes in that contact sport have had a concussion, a brain injury that has been increasingly in the spotlight.