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Use Your Head - By Protecting It
When it comes to playing sports like football and soccer, using your head may actually be the best way to lose it - or at least to lose a little bit of your cognitive power.
Flagrant Fouls Cost More Than 15 Yards
Parents of high school football players take note: it's not the one big hit that poses the greatest risk to their teens' brains - it's the smaller hits from regular practices and games.
Growing Into Childhood Brain Trauma Deficits
When children suffer a traumatic brain injury ( TBI ), such as from a fall or car accident, it can have long-term effects on their cognition, language and motor skills, behavior and social interactions. But such brain trauma does not appear to worsen over time, as has long been thought.
Real Life Awakenings
What level of awareness does a person have when in a vegetative state? Can a person in a coma ever wake up?
Post-Traumatic Sleep Disorders
Although one may understand the prevalence of horrifying dreams in our returning soldiers, the specific sleep disorders falling upon them seem to be unique to their own combat experience. 
Awareness Detected in Vegetative Patients
As many as 19 percent of brain-damaged patients in a vegetative state may be aware of their surroundings and capable of communicating, research has revealed.
Low Oxygen Linked to More Fatalities After Brain Injury
For patients with severe traumatic brain injury, a low supply of oxygen to the brain following the injury carries substantial risk. It can significantly contribute to death or disability, a recent study shows.
Walking Your Way Back to Brain Health
Relearning how to walk after a stroke or brain injury can be a difficult task. An innovative method for alternating walking patterns may aid patients in regaining their usual walking ability.
Who Gets CT Scan After Brain Injury?
There are documented racial disparities in health care that might extend to treatment of children as well. Pediatric minority patients are less likely to be given a CT scan after minor head trauma.
Statins May Aid Brain Injury Patients
Medication to lower cholesterol may have some unexpected benefits. In older patients, statins to lower cholesterol significantly improve survival rates after a traumatic brain injury.