Health News

Is It a Miscarriage?
Pain or bleeding occurs early in pregnancy for about a third of all women. This may mean the baby won't survive, but not always. A simple test may help you know.
Peanuts, Pregnancy and Protection
Many women are afraid to eat nuts while they’re pregnant for fear they could cause future allergies for their baby. New research suggests they need not worry.
Expectant Moms Need Fresh Air
If taking a breath of "fresh air" outside your door means inhaling exhaust, you might want to head to outlying parks more often during your pregnancy.
Managing Hypertension While Pregnant
If you have a chronic condition and become pregnant, it may mean different treatment during the pregnancy. High blood pressure is one such condition, and it's becoming more common.
Seeing Trends in Cancer and Pregnancy
Most women at prenatal appointments listen to the baby's heartbeat, discuss nutrition or hear general advice from their doctor. But the number hearing a cancer diagnosis is increasing.
Giving Birth is a Gas — Or Not
It's no secret that giving birth is painful. While care providers offer a range of methods to deal with that pain, little is known about one in particular: nitrous oxide.
My Bacteria Is Better Than Yours
Everyone's got billions of little critters hanging out in their gut. They're helpful little critters — they aid the digestive and immune systems. But what you eat changes what they are.
A Safer C-Section
Pregnant women who deliver by cesarean section usually receive antibiotics after the baby’s umbilical cord is clamped. But could meds before the procedure reduce the risk of infection?
Chemo Is an Option for Pregnant Women
So little is understood about the effects of chemotherapy on a developing baby that doctors are still learning about how safe treatment is during pregnancy.
Prenatal Yoga for Prenatal Depression
While most people have heard of postpartum depression, prenatal depression can also affect about one in five women. Yoga might be one method to deal with these emotions.