Health News

Children Exposed to Chemotherapy Develop Normally
Pregnant women undergoing cancer therapy worry that the treatment will hurt their baby's health. But rest assured, chemotherapy does not put a growing baby at risk of health problems, reports a new study.
Drugs Competing in Pregnant Moms
Women at risk for having a second preemie may be taking the only drug on the market to prevent early birth. If so, they should be cautious about taking other prescription medications.
Where Women Give Birth Matters
While C section rates are lower among women who deliver away from the hospital, there were significantly higher complications associated with women choosing to birth at home.
Surgery Before Birth Improves Outcomes
Caring for a child with spina bifida can be costly from emotional, psychological and financial perspectives. Having surgery before birth relieves at least one of these.
Like Brother, Like Sister
Women who give birth early to their first child can expect their second child to be smaller than average at birth - even if the next child arrives on time.
When to Schedule Your C Section
Women who have had one cesarean section and are planning another should aim for delivering after 39 weeks of pregnancy according to a new study.
Hispanic Women at Risk of Early Delivery
Pregnant women should watch for signs of early labor. And if you’re Hispanic, you should take extra care: A new study says that Hispanic-Americans are at greater risk of preterm delivery. 
Breast is Best - But So is Planning
Even for mothers who planned to breastfeed longer, the ones who planned to get pregnant had an easier time with nursing than those whose babies were surprises.
Induced Labor Not Safer
If your water breaks before you're in labor or due to give birth, infection risk for your baby is low, and the best course of action may be to just wait it out under a doctor's observation.
Getting to the First Birthday
Preemies with low birth weights have a higher risk of dying before age 1, but researchers haven't known the risk factors affecting the babies' survival after they leave the NICU .