Health News

Obesity's Role in Newborn Fat Mass
Parents play a crucial part in keeping their children healthy. For mothers, that influence starts when their baby is in the womb.
FDA and EPA Update Advice on Eating Fish
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today updated advice for pregnant women and young children about eating fish.
FDA Issues Advice on Eating Fish
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency today issued draft updated advice on fish consumption.
Surprising Facts About Modern Mothers
Starting in 1914, every second Sunday of May has been dedicated to the celebration of motherhood, yet the profile of a typical mother has changed dramatically since the holiday’s inception.
Planning a Prenatal Diet
Expectant mothers have to consider certain everyday decisions of their life in a new way — including the food choices they make. So what should these women keep in mind now that they are "eating for two?"
Inducing Labor Didn't Raise C-Section Risk
Twenty percent of all births are the result of labor induction. This method is often thought to increase the risk of cesarean section, but this association might be an old wives' tale.
High Blood Pressure Can Seriously Affect Pregnancy
High blood pressure during pregnancy puts pressure on both the baby and the mom. At the moment, there has yet to be a consistent strategy for prenatal care in women with high blood pressure.
Possible Deadly Consequence of Obesity before Pregnancy
Being overweight has a wide range of health implications. One new study looked at how a pregnant women's weight may affect the child they carry.
Preparing for Baby With Prenatal Screenings
Different options for prenatal screenings may be offered to pregnant women, often leaving moms-to-be with questions about what the tests are looking for and when they should be performed.
Patches Didn't Help Pregnant Women Quit Smoking
Smoking during pregnancy can result in serious health consequences for both the baby and mother. A recent study investigated if nicotine patches could help.