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Growing up Early with Sugar-Sweetened Drinks
Girls are becoming women at younger ages, and sugar-sweetened beverages might be playing a role.
Breast Cancer: What Women Don’t Know
Breast cancer can be a mind-boggling diagnosis. Patients are often faced with questions about therapy, medication and recovery options at each turn. What women know and tell their doctors about their cancer may make a difference in treatment.
Treating Women’s Pain: Rose Oil, Yoga and Music
Women, when it comes to pain, don’t just grin and bear it. Plenty of treatments have been shown to work.
Finding Breast Cancer Early a Lifesaver for All Races
No matter who you are, finding and treating breast cancer before it gets too far may save your life. Some races and ethnicities, however, may face a bigger fight against cancer than others.
This Treatment Could Keep Breast Cancer Away
The treatment of one type of breast cancer may be getting a makeover — and it might keep cancer from coming back.
MRI and Mammogram Screenings Catch Cancer Early
Women with a condition called atypical hyperplasia may benefit from breast cancer screening — which can help doctors and patients find and fight breast cancer early.
Cancer Screening May Benefit Diabetes Patients
Diabetes patients may need to take extra precautions to lower their risk for cancer or catch it early.
Low-Fat Diet May Help Some Women Live Through Breast Cancer
A simple change in diet could make a world of difference for women with certain types of breast cancer.
Migraines Not Tied to Breast Cancer
They're painful and can put patients out of commission for hours or even days, but migraines aren't likely associated with breast cancer — despite past research that suggested they might be.
Many Didn't Get Shorter, Cheaper Breast Cancer Treatment
Not all breast cancer treatment methods are created equal — and many patients may not always get the shortest, most cost-effective option.