Health News

Heart Saving Breast Reconstruction
When a woman has breast cancer in her left breast, radiation therapy in the area can increase her risks for heart disease. A new surgical technique proactively manages this risk.
Micro Molecule Does Big Things for Cancer Growth
Cancer cells grow rapidly and use the body's normal celluar activity against itself. Scientists are looking to something very small to stop the growth of cancerous cells.
Rx Prevents Breast Cancer Survivor Bone Loss
Breast cancer survivors who are taking certain medications are at higher risk for bone loss.  An available drug has been shown to overcome this serious side effect.
Marijuana Easing Pain in New Ways
Unfortunately for breast cancer patients, one common side effect of chemotherapy is joint and nerve pain that can limit daily activity. A new study may help ease that pain with marijuana, and it won't get you in trouble.
When Fighting One Disease Causes Another
More and more research is showing a link between breast cancer and diabetes. Yet, only a handful of studies have looked at the relationship between cancer drugs and the risk of diabetes.
Stopping Breast Cancer in its Tracks
Breast cancer that has not begun to spread (metastasize) beyond the original tumor is likely survivable. When the cancer starts to fan out, controlling the disease becomes much more difficult.  Scientists may have pinpointed a way to block this deadly spread.
Brighter Path for HER-2 Positive Breast Cancer
One of the mainstay drugs to treat aggressive breast cancer is very toxic and can cause serious long-term heart problems. A new study has uncovered a treatment regimen that's just effective, but far less toxic.
Femara Superior to Tamoxifen Study Shows
For years, tamoxifen  has been the gold standard for keeping breast cancer from reappearing. Updated research shows another medication known as an aromatase inhibitor is even more effective for post-menopausal women.
Detecting Aggressive Breast Cancer Earlier
African-American women tend to develop more aggressive breast cancers. Researchers have uncovered ways this cancer develops, offering new hope for early diagnosis.
Think Pink and Spread the Word!
As you probably know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And the US Food & Drug Administration 's (FDA) Office of Women's Health is offering free materials to help spread the word about the importance of having regular mammograms.