Health News

New Rx Approved For Intestinal Condition
Intestinal diseases and surgery can cause nutritional problems. A new drug has been approved to help combat these problems.
Crohn's on the Radar
The last thing anyone with stomach issues wants to do is get poked in order to find out what's wrong. And, since moving is not allowed when getting an MRI, other imaging techniques might help.
Protein Build-Up Could Mean Crohn's
Finding out if those stomach pains are from Crohn's  disease can be hard to test. But the build up of certain proteins in the body could be a future test for the stomach problem, according to a new study.
Weaker Bones in Kids with Stomach Problems
Milk can do the body good. But if the calcium can't be absorbed well by kids, their bones don't do so well either. Kids with long-term digestive problems have lower bone density as they grow older, new research has found.
Avoiding Holiday Hassles With IBD
The holidays can be challenging – traveling is a hassle and big meals can bring diet anxieties. But the season is even more of a landmine for people with an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).
Surgery Helps Children With Crohn's
Going under the knife for any surgery can make patients uneasy. But for children with long-term stomach troubles, the option can do more good than harm.
Serious Crohn's Patients More Fatigued
Nearly two-thirds of patients with long-term major stomach troubles feel tired and weak.
Low Feeling in the Gut
Stomach distress can put extra distress on persons with long-term stomach problems-- even those who have little to no pain, the problem still persists.
Meds Safe for Crohn's Surgery
For Crohn's patients going under the knife, it's okay to take certain meds to help the immune system do its job. A recently published study found that patients given a certain drug therapy before surgery does not increase their chances of getting sick from the procedure.
One Tummy Fix for Other Troubles
One stomach ache here can cause another kind of stomach ache there. And if that's the case, can one treatment help out both?