Health News

Raising Awareness for Prediabetes
For patients diagnosed with prediabetes, the message is clear: it's not too late. {C}
Diabetes: How Teen Stress Could Predict Adult Risk
Many people believe that a positive mindset can help them overcome disease. New evidence suggests that the power of the mind-body connection may not only be real, it may also be a two-way street.
Approved: Diabetic Foot Ulcer Treatment
For the estimated 29 million US patients diagnosed with diabetes, diabetic foot ulcers are a real risk. But a new device could help.
Artificial Pancreas Appears Promising
An artificial pancreas meant to help type 1 diabetes patients is about to undergo its final testing. And favorable results could lead to the device's approval, researchers said. {C}
To Help Your Kidneys, Check Your Blood Sugar
Even if you don't have full-blown diabetes, your blood sugar could still affect your kidney health.
A Potential New Use for Metformin
One common diabetes drug may soon have a new indication.
In Diabetes Emergencies, This Nasal Spray Might Work
When a diabetes patient has severely low blood sugar, you've got to act fast. And an injection might not be the only viable option.
Common Rx Combo Tied to Serious Health Risk
The popular blood thinner warfarin is known for its potentially serious interactions with many drugs. And here may be another.
Got Type 1? Type 2 Rx May Not Help
For overweight teens with type 1 diabetes, good blood sugar control can be hard to come by.
A Breastfeeding Benefit — for Mom
Breastfeeding is known to provide a wide range of potential health benefits for babies. But what about for moms?