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The Epilepsy Wristband
Epilepsy affects approximately 50 million people worldwide. Patients sometimes have to stay in a hospital for days in order for doctors to monitor their condition. But a new wristband may make it easier.
Another Paramedic Treatment for Epileptic Seizures
Most seizures come and go quickly on their own, but long-lasting seizures may require drugs to stop them. Help could come faster with an Epi Pen-like injection, according to a new study.
A Faster Way to Treat Seizures
Prolonged seizures, called status epilepticus - a seizure that lasts more than five minutes – are serious, dangerous conditions that require immediate medical attention.
An Added Punch to Combat Seizures
As some who suffer with it know, epilepsy can be difficult. The fear of seizures can itself be exhausting.
Some Hope for Tough Epilepsy Cases
Epilepsy patients can suffer from a variety of symptoms; it's not just about seizures. A drug offers hope for many quality of life improvements, but may pose risks for some patients.
Treating Epilepsy While Pregnant
It has been well established that there is a risk of birth defects in the baby for pregnant women taking the anti-seizure medication phenytoin . Newer anti-epileptic drugs are safer, and a new study aimed to confirm the data.
Certain Seizure Meds Safer Than Others
There are a number of medications used to treat epilepsy. Some of these anti-seizure medications have been shown to increase heart disease risks. New research shows epilepsy patients may have safer choices.
Epilepsy Drug Linked to Autism
The exact causes of autism are still not known, and much of how the disorder develops remain a mystery. Many studies point to prenatal development links.
Which Is Best, Surgery Or Medication?
Some forms of epilepsy are tough to treat with just a medication. A new study demonstrates that brain surgery is a viable alternative to medication therapies.
Hyperventilating May Cause Childhood Seizures
Pediatricians are very focused on their patients avoiding extended high fevers for many health reasons. One of their concerns is that fevers can cause a febrile seizure.