Health News

Those Telling Telomeres
Those darn telomeres just simply cannot keep a secret. They have a nasty habit of telling a woman's age and health status. Telomeres are the DNA located on the ends of chromosomes and are a measure of cell age. The healthier a cell is, the longer its telomeres are.
Muscles-Use it or Lose it
I guess Jack LaLanne had it right. Muscle loss begins in early adulthood. Becoming a 'couch-potato' at 30 will reduce your muscle mass with every bite of pizza.
Sick and Abused
According to a study by Swedish researchers, children who are chronically ill are much more likely than healthy children to be victims of physical abuse.
The Dangers of Leaving the Light On
Keeping the lights on before going to sleep may have a negative influence on your health, according to a study to be published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism .
Third-Hand Smoke
Much research has been done that illustrates the dangers of second-hand smoke. Now, a new study shows that "third-hand smoke" is also harmful to your health.
Don't Get Burned
For children under four years of age, scalds are the primary cause of burn injury. Five thousand US children are sent to hospital emergency rooms each year for scald injuries from hot tap water or bath water.