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Kidney Disease Raises Heart Attack Risk
A human body is a network of interconnected systems. This means one unhealthy organ can cause problems in an entirely different part of the body. Often, it is the heart that takes the blow.
Mindfulness for the Diabetic Mind
Meditation and other mindfulness exercises can be good for your state of mind. Because mental health is tied to physical health, mindfulness training also could be good for people with diabetes.
Seniors With a Syndrome Face Kidney Risk
As you get older, your body becomes less resilient in the face of diseases like diabetes and kidney disease. But a weakening body does not mean you are doomed. There are steps you can take to protect your health.
A Decade Ahead of Kidney Damage
Unfortunately, a good deal of diabetes patients will suffer from kidney disease. While kidney damage may be one of the more deadly complications of diabetes, it is also preventable - especially if it is spotted early.
Getting That Blood Sugar Just Right
In order to avoid complications of diabetes, patients have to keep a careful watch on their blood sugar levels. If a diabetes patient also has kidney disease, blood sugar levels may need to be even more precise.
Intense Kidney Protection
Kidney disease is a big worry for anyone with type 1 diabetes. For a while, it seemed there were few good approaches to slow the process that leads to kidney disease in these patients. Now, there may be a way.
Adding Disease to Injury
Acute kidney injury, or the rapid loss of kidney function, is common in hospitalized diabetes patients. While an acute injury could mean death, it also can leave survivors with some long-term health problems.
Seeing Sudden Death on Dialysis
When a diabetes patient's kidneys fail, that patient has to be put on dialysis. These patients may be at risk of having their heart suddenly stop. Now, researchers have found a way to spot who is most at risk.
Get Those Kidneys Back Up To Speed
Diabetes can harm many different parts of the body, especially the kidneys. Now, there's a new drug that may help patients with type 2 diabetes get their kidneys back in working order.
The Rise of Diabetes' Dangerous Partner
Diabetes is one of the biggest health problems in the United States. As more and more Americans get diabetes, the number of people suffering from diabetes-related problems is also going up.