Health News

How to Protect a Soft Heart
The legacy of childhood cancer, in addition to never being quite sure if the cancer is gone for good, also includes the literal scars from treatment.
Move Over Platinum, Here Comes Ruthenium
A number of common chemotherapy agents, such as cisplatin , contain the element platinum. And while effective against cancer cells, these medications can damage healthy cells.
Newest CML Drug Helps
The introduction of Gleevec  in 2001 to treat chronic myeloid leukemia ( CML ) marked one of modern oncology's biggest success stories. The treatment has become the model for other cancer drugs.
Targeting Leukemia's Kill Switch
Once a resistance to chemotherapy develops in leukemia, it can be extremely difficult to turn back the tide. A new drug focuses on changing that.
Diabetes Linked to Blood Cancers
Doctors have to carefully watch their diabetes patients for other serious health problems like kidney disease and heart disease. Now, it seems doctors should keep an eye out for blood cancers as well.
Progress for Leukemia Test
Everybody likes simple solutions to complex problems. A blood test for a diagnosis, a pill to cure. Chronic lymphocytic leukemia is one step closer to that day.
Mapping Leukemia Evolution
The thing that strikes the most fear in the hearts of cancer patients is wondering if a remission is real, or if the cancer is just on pause. These fears linger despite the most aggressive treatments and the best doctors.
Invulnerable Leukemias
The genes you inherit from your parents can be sort of a mixed bag. While some traits like height and eye color can be straightforward, some are complex relationships that take a detective to find the full implications.
Schizophrenia Drug Counteracts Leukemia
Scientists have long observed that the same molecule can have a variety of different functions in the body depending on where it is at that moment.
Rare Leukemia Explained
Given the long list of side effects associated with traditional cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation, newer treatments focus on targets associated with the cancer that are as specific as possible.