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News Flash on Hot Flashes
Women literally lose their cool when hot flashes hit. Fanning, removing clothing or kicking off bed linens may be required for her to regain her physical - and feminine - cool. A recent study looked at which women seemed to get the hottest of hot flashes.
Hormones Are No Heart Shield for Women
Women thinking about therapy to normalize their hormone levels have lots to keep in mind. For one, hormone therapy might not protect the heart.
You Can Still Feel Sexy After Menopause
Has your sexual appetite gone down after menopause because of vaginal pain and discomfort? Is your intimate relationship suffering? Don't fret. You're not alone, and it can be treated!
Bone Density After Menopause
Maintaining strong bones as we age helps ensure a certain level of mobility and physical independence. Post-menopausal women whose bones might be prone to getting weaker and thinner often are scouting remedies to that.
Hormones May Not Help After Menopause
Women sometimes find the hormonal changes that come with menopause to be troublesome. Occasional mental fogginess is one of their complaints.
Hormones Can Play Shield Too
Female sex hormones have a number of jobs to do. While they can regulate mood and sexual function, they might also help protect women from infection.
But It Can't Be Menopause Yet!
Hot flashes, joint pain and night sweats aren't just for women during menopause. The symptoms can happen to women ahead of that mid-life transition.
Rx Tag-Team Works Better for Weak Bones
When one medicine doesn't help postmenopausal women with osteoporosis, doctors might recommend another. But if the second doesn't strengthen bones, what happens then? Taking them together might do the trick.
Hot Flashes, Yes, But No Heart Disease
An unhealthy diet can lead to heart disease. Being overweight, smoking and not exercising can also bring on the condition. What about adding menopause to the mix?
Sleeping Beauty to Protect the Heart
While some women past menopause have to deal with hot flashes and night sweats, others have to watch their sleeping patterns. How they sleep can affect their heart health.