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PTSD Wears Genes
Those who have undergone an extreme and traumatic experience sometimes develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). But what determines who will and who will not? New findings may hold the key to the answer.
What Role do Genes Play in PTSD?
A young couple driving home from a night out suddenly is hit from oncoming traffic by a drunk driver. Their car is totaled, but they luckily escape serious injury.
Increased Stress During Active Service
There are dramatic mental health implications for those actively serving in the armed services. Recent findings reveal army suicide rates have dramatically increased in recent years.
Children Abused Due to Perceived Sexuality
Children who are interested in activities not typical of their gender are more likely to face abuse. One in ten children is affected, and sadly, in most cases the child is abused by his or her own parents.
Don't Drink the Water!
The water you drink today may be impacting your 'mental health'. A new study found contaminated drinking water caused a statistically significant increase in mental illness in the 1980s .
After Life is Almost Lost
In television series such as Law and Order and CSI, producers tug at the heartstrings of viewers with scenes encapsulating the grief of victims and their loved ones, yet how many understand the real implications of such devastating trauma?
Party Drugs Change Brains
It's all fun and games until somebody's brain gets altered. Scientific investigators at Vanderbilt University discovered chronic changes in human brains after ingesting illegal party drug ecstasy.
PTSD Risk Genes and Hormones
People are used to hearing about post-traumatic stress disorder in our country's defenders, but how many thought their child could suffer heading to college? 
Alternative PTSD Therapy
Popular pastimes yoga, pilates , and meditation take place at our parks, beaches, gyms, and on our TVs. But how many knew their effects to be healing? Recent studies prove the effectiveness of mindfulness-based techniques for improving anxiety symptoms in PTSD patients like our nation's defenders.
Work and the Healthy Mind
In an effort to quantify the societal impact of health disorders, global researchers found a link between mental health and time away from work.