Health News

A Better Flu Shot
There is a long complicated road before flu shots become available for the flu season. New models being developed could pave the way to better and more cost-effective flu shots.
Depression Concerns for Acute Lung Injury Patients
Acute lung injury (ALI) not only affects a person's physical ability but also affects their mental state. Depression is a serious concern for ALI patients and should be treated early.
The Re-admission Dilemma
Certain regions of the U.S. suffer from high hospital readmission rates. Interestingly, that elevated number may have less to do with poor care or more severe illnesses.
Statins May Help Reduce Influenza Deaths
Flu shots or anti-viral drugs are used to treat influenza, but there may be another possible treatment. Cholesterol-reducing drugs may help reduce deaths in patients hospitalized with the flu.
Lung Transplants Are Happening Outside the Body
Lungs belong in the body, right? A new technique to prepare donor lungs for transplant could not only improve transplant success but can also increase the number of available lungs.
Pregnancy Increases Risk for Tuberculosis
Tuberculosis (TB) is a contagious bacterial infection that affects your lungs. It’s not very common in the U.S., only affecting about 11,000 Americans yearly. But there’s one group that may be more susceptible to TB: pregnant women.
Flu Vaccinations Under Your Tongue
It's that time of the year, flu shots are here. For those scared of needles, future flu vaccination may be as easy as placing it under your tongue.
Your Lungs Keep Growing Well After Childhood
As we get older, many parts of our body continue to grow and develop. Scientists thought the lungs were fully developed early in childhood but it turns out the lungs continue to grow into adulthood.
WTC Rescue Personnel Have Poor Lung Function
Many rescue personnel risked their lives during the World Trade Center (WTC) recovery process. Because of all the dust, dirt and debris in the air, many have experienced lung problems. New research has shown that it may be possible to predict lung problems in WTC personnel.
Acne Medicine and Your Throat
From over-the-counter creams to oral antibiotics, there are numerous ways to treat acne. While there are many readily available treatments, one treatment may lead to an increase in sore throats.