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A Little Love Goes a Long Way
Much research about bullying focuses on how bad it is or what causes it to happen. But it's just as important to know what helps those involved in bullying, for both victims and bullies alike.
Sibling Rivalry Not So Harmless
Whether it's name calling or punches or stealing your stuff, siblings beating up on each other is nothing new. But just because it's an age-old issue does not mean it's harmless.
Thinking of Suicide After Being Bullied
Bullying in schools has gained a lot of media attention due to the high number of teenage suicides in recent years. Many of these suicide victims were lesbian or gay victims of bullying.
Kids Hurt by Others Also Hurt Themselves
More and more schools and communities are looking for ways to address bullying. Meanwhile, more information is being discovered about bullying's long-term impact.
Unsafe Coping After Being Bullied
Teens may turn to drinking, drugs or lash out after being bullied. Healthy coping techniques may help reduce this type of high-risk behavior in these teens.
Women Eat Away Because of Abuse
Women who were abused while growing up may have a higher tendency for addictive relationships with food. This tendency could explain higher rates of obesity in abused women.
Depression Likelier in Abused New Moms
Bringing home a new baby is stressful on its own. But throw in the anxiety of an abusive relationship and depression may follow.
Hard Lives Take a Toll on Kids' Bodies
It's no surprise that being abused is linked to various health concerns in children. Other forms of hardship, though, might also influence a child's health.
After Violence Comes Depression
Women experiencing intimate partner violence may be at risk for depression afterwards. Men aren’t exempt from this association either.
Sporty Teen Girls Safer
Exercise is healthy for a number of reasons. For teens in inner city schools, exercise and team sports may provide a bit of a buffer from violence, especially for girls.