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Sex Hormones Not to Blame for Heartburn
Elevated sex hormone levels in pregnant women or in those who take hormone replacement therapy (HRT) were often believed to be the culprit behind prevalent heartburn in women. But that may not be the case.
Too Many Heartburn Meds Among Vets
Certain heartburn medicines have been prescribed too often or at too high a dosage across the US. Until now, little was known about the heartburn treatment that American veterans received for their chest pains.
Keeping Heartburn on the Down-low
Medicines to decrease heartburn and prevent stomach acid from forming don’t work for everyone. A new method might help fill the void where these medicines leave off.
Burning Inside the Burping Baby
Babies need a hand burping, especially the itty bitty ones. Too much of that gas, however, can be sign of more serious problems going on in their tummies.
Influx of Bad Acid Reflux in England
First there's the heartburn. And maybe nausea. It's common among people with acid reflux and, across the UK, more are letting it become a bigger problem.
The Right Time for Endoscopy
When medicines and pumps don't work to reduce heartburn and acid reflux, what can you do? Having a doctor look down the hatch may be the next step.
All Eyes on Surgery for Acid Reflux
Some obese patients with acid reflux still feel heartburn and nausea after seeking surgery to help. Thinking about going under the knife can be scary to begin with, and surgical procedures need to be done right.
Can Heartburn Lead to Cancer?
About 40 percent of all Americans suffer from heartburn every month. And 25 million Americans have a burning feeling in their upper chest every day. Heartburn is nothing to mess around with. It can become deadly.
Barrett's Esophagus Doesn't Like Aspirin
If you have heartburn and you're worried about developing Barrett's esophagus – the next stage of acid reflux – you may want to start taking a daily aspirin pill. A new study found that aspirin appears to be protective against Barrett's esophagus.
Clues for Cause of Esophageal Cancer
Like millions of people, you may have occasionally suffered from a bout of heartburn after eating spicy foods. But recurring heartburn can be a symptom of more serious health problems.